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Autika Johnson

Autika Johnson is a performer, choreographer, and dance instructor. Autika Johnson has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from Valdosta State University. In time she served as the coordinator and choreographer for the VSU Dance Club as well as the choreographer for ‘Blazin’ Beauties’ dance line, all while maintaining the University Deans List.
Johnson has since worked in the school system as a performing arts dance teacher for high school students. Where she started her own dance club at Dougherty Comprehensive High School by the name of D.D.C -Dougherty Dance
Club- which is used to help build and mold leaders through the art of dance.
In making a difference in her community, Johnson also serves as a member of Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity Incorporated and the dance director for the non- profit organization - Sounds of Joy - where she mentors young people through her passion for dance. Autika Johnson has furthered her education at Full SailUniversity by obtaining a Master of Science Degree in Entertainment Business.

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